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Our Educational Project is based on the grounds of highly competent professionals. As such, the process of their selection as well as their professional development are essential, and important resources are invested to those ends. To count on a structure of motivated professionals who are dedicated to the beliefs and goals of the center is vital for the successful running of the school with the objective of:

  1. Facilitating the development of the aptitudes and professional and personal qualities of all teachers.
  2. Stimulating the educators to actively participate in the various management systems legally established for this purpose.
  3. Offering the educators the means and conditions that allow them to develop a quality education, its recycling and perfection.
  4. Facilitating team working among teachers through departments and the creation of teams in each stage of the educational process.
  5. Providing opportunities for teacher’s research in order to improve or modify educational practices.
  6. Promoting the integration of teachers in the innovative projects that the center develops.


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