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At the educational institution Humanitas Bilingual School (B.S.), it is possible to study from two year up to Baccalaureate (17-18 years old). We offer our students a singular, pleasant group of buildings designed for the practice of teaching with open spaces, gardens and sports zones in an area of 20,000m2.

The school is privileged with the necessary spaces to provide an adequate frame for the process of teaching-learning including its own library, laboratories, computer rooms, English room-club, movement room, gymnasium, music room, swimming pool.

In addition, we can highlight the technological benefits in all the school classrooms, with Smart Boards in each room (Interactive Smart Boards, as a teaching and methodological tool).

  • Ideology
  • Educational Offer
  • Bilingualism: Spanish-English
  • Academic Levels
  • Relationship Teacher/ Family/ Student
  • The fight against school failure
  • New Technologies
  • Sports
  • Attention to Diversity
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Educational Quality
  • Professional Training


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