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Educational Stages

Humanitas Bilingual School Torrejón true to its tradition of innovation, wishes to promote an educational program where high academic standards, an excellent level of English ,the use of computers and new technology as well as the importance of education in values are embedded in all activities.

This can only be accomplished with strong links being forged amongteachers, parents and other members of the school’s community and by providing a work environment which encourages personal and professional development.

In contrast to a more traditional logo-centric educational project (in which the most important aspect is the acquisition of knowledge), the school, without ignoring the importance of acquiring such knowledge, defines its essential objective of its pupils as being able to “learn to learn” during their school career - the principle that how you learn is as important as what you learn, the former equipping them with abilities and capacities that are as important as the subject matter in question. In order to fulfil this objective, the teaching approach uses a methodological system that is based on activities, which are far more motivating than that to be found in a more traditional educational system.

As we are a dynamic and innovative school whose aim is to be at the forefront of the newest teaching methods, promoting the use of computers and technology in the classroom, other schools in the group are becoming pioneers in the field of ICT applied to education in the Community of Madrid: some classrooms, where appropriate, are fitted with interactive white boards connected to the Internet and equipped with a range of software used in all subjects as a classroom tool. One of the new objectives in the school is to provide all the classrooms with this technological resource. It is understood that ITC is essential in a world where most of the stimulus that young people receive is audiovisual.

These resources allow the teaching staff to make use of a broad range of educational material, either designed by the teaching staff themselves or taken from specific educational sites or sources.

The school´s project places fundamental importance on foreign language acquisition as a preparation for the future of our pupils. Upon finishing their schooling, the aim is for them to be proficient in English, and to that end, English has an important role in the syllabus from the Preschool level onwards. In the Primary Section the weekly sessions are given in English in order to give pupils a head start in language acquisition. Specific instruction is given in Secondary so that pupils further their language skills and, in the near future, they may sit for the University of Cambridge examinations in English (PET, First Certificate and Advanced Certificate in English) .

Another principal objective is the importance of an education in values, based on the integrated educational model that goes far beyond mere instruction. In this way, the development of the educational project promotes:

  • Respect of all individuals
  • Respect for one’s own body through a special program dealing with the acquisition of habits for a healthy life.
  • Promote responsibility and tolerance.
  • Instill the work ethic and intellectual curiosity.
  • Make our pupils aware that they belong to a world which is becoming more and more global and demands respect and knowledge of other cultures as well as equipping our pupils with the necessary skills to be able to communicate with them.
  • Promote good manners and social skills.
  • Instill respect for the schools premises and equipment.
  • Develop self confidence in our pupils.


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