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The school considers that education does not only take place within the classroom, and as such offers a wide range of formative possibilities in extracurricular and afterschool activities, in the form of sports, cultural and scientific activities closely linked to educational objectives. These activities will be realized both during and after the school day, as extracurricular.

  1. Physical activities and sports: workshops for movement, individual and team sports, games and competitions, oriental disciplines, traditional sports and games, in specific areas or outside, game rooms, etc…
  2. Activities to promote good health: Workshops to prevent drug addiction, nutrition, good eating habits and higiene, effective sexual education, prevention of workplace risks…
  3. Artistic activities: Dance, music class: voice and instrumental; theater, dramatization, movement, art workshops, art class, photography,…
  4. Library activities and study habits: story time, workshops for encouraging reading, workshops for periodicals, formation of library users, sessions to improve school performance…
  5. Computer and audiovisual activities: use of Internet, social networks, radio, TV,…
  6. Activities of communication in foreign languages: contextual games, workshops to learn abotu other languages and cultures, language immersion workshops0
  7. Activities to participate in the educational community: events, work days y celebrations.
  8. Activities for Parent Education. School for mothers and fathers.


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