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The school mission is defined as an open, humanist and non confessional mentality, with the goal of forming future European citizens.

An Open Mode that situates itself far from the authoritarian educational models that promulgate hierarchy of students as a result of their grades, or the sole importance of the acquisition of knowledge, also far from the “libertarian” experiences such as Summerhill school in England in 1970 in which there were no rules, students established the curriculum, etc. The school is situated in a middle ground of these two currents, and values as a fundamental pillar of its project the education as an exercise of responsible freedom, starting from the need of a relationship between student and teacher chiefly based on affective criteria instead of hierarchy, keeping respect and discipline as a fundamental base of the relationship.

Humanist as it tries to promote values in their students such as love of culture and knowledge, as the highest expression of civilization.

Non confessional, as the school does not intent to favour any specific religion, though it allows families and/or students the possibility of choosing between Catholic Religion or an alternative subject which conveys values from a non confessional perspective.

Finally, the vocation of forming future European citizens and professionals is present throughout the whole project, as the school is fully aware of the fact that its students will live in a more and more competitive world, in which it will be necessary to have a solid education in values, a good intellectual preparation, an extensive knowledge of foreign languages and the use of new technologies as a fundamental tool in the workplace. These are the unequivocal objectives of the Humanitas Bilingual School Torrejón.



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