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The objective in this area is centered on the collaboration with the diverse levels that intervene in the educational and formative process.

  • Transitional programs and the acquisition of values, abilities and skills that are not exclusively based on the content in the areas or materials that arepart of the official formative curriculum, but that are considered basic in our concept of Education.
  • Information in function of the results of psychological tests that are given to students in the different courses. With the application of psychometric tests that attempt to detect students with “learning risks” indicating the factors that need more attention and development.
  • Prevention, detection and observance of academic and personal problems in learning and behaviour.
  • Psychological and pedagogical intervention
  • School and university guidance
  • Classes for parents supporting them in the difficult and at the same time passionate task of teaching and raising their children, covering the gaps in information, clarifying unclear ideas, offering practical advice, proposing activities and opening a common space for dialogue.
  • Integration in the Plan of tutorial action.


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